Project-Steering: "ICONIC IMPULSES. THE BMW GROUP FUTURE EXHIBITION", Beijing, London, Los Angeles 2016

October 2016
Project-Steering: "ICONIC IMPULSES. THE BMW GROUP FUTURE EXHIBITION", Beijing, London, Los Angeles 2016

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, BMW focuses on what lies ahead – THE NEXT 100 YEARS. In this exhibition, the BMW Group with its BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce, and BMW Motorrad brands sketches an image of the future of mobility and the life of megacities.

After its opening in Beijing (May... >>> 2016), the exhibition will be on display in London (June 2016) and in Los Angeles (October 2016).

Puchner P3 provided the project steering for the entire project. Our focuses were on budgeting and costing as well as consulting on the technical project design and optimization of logistics and transport. We considered multiple variants and prepared them for the selection process. When modifying the project structure to answer to particular challenges, Puchner P3 supported BMW AG.

Puchner P3 also contributed their expertise on event safety for press conferences, events and the public exhibition, and acted as health and safety coordinator during assembly and dismantling. Puchner P3 also provided a responsible supervisor for event technology.

Video: BMW Group - Event London

Rolls-Royce at Geneva Auto Show 2016

March 2016
Rolls-Royce at Geneva Auto Show 2016

The Rolls-Royce stand at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show received a special mention at the 13th Creativity Award presented by the Club de Publicité et de Communication de Genève (CPG).

"Rolls-Royce presented a privileged space worthy of a cinematic decor. It tells the story o... >>>f a passionate collector who invites us into his home. The story is vividly presented. The visitor remains outside, observing the parked vehicles from a boulevard. The proportions, volumes, and materials were treated with great precision and in perfect congruence with the brand image. A harmonic ensemble in the presentation logic."

Puchner P3 wird Leadagentur für die Rolls-Royce Messeauftritte bis 2018

June 2015
Puchner P3 wird Leadagentur für die Rolls-Royce Messeauftritte bis 2018

Die BMW Group hat nach einem Wettbewerbsverfahren die Zusammenarbeit mit Puchner P3 für alle Messeauftritte von Rolls-Royce auf internationalen Motorshows bis 2018 verlängert, mit einer Option bis 2020.
Der Leistungsumfang beinhaltet die Entwicklung von Standarchitektur, -Design und Kommunik... >>>ationsmaßnahmen sowie die Ausführungsplanung bis zur Abnahme. Um die einzigartige Markenidentität von Rolls-Royce im Rahmen der Messeauftritte weiter zu profilieren und auf emotionale Weise erlebbar zu machen, verstärkt ab sofort die Agentur Vince & Vert das Büro von Puchner P3 – mit wirkungsvollen Brandstories in den Bereichen Kreativ-Konzeption und Kommunikations-Umsetzung.

MINI at NAIAS 2012

January 2012
< Construction < Construction
Exhibition > Exhibition >
Photo: EEI Global / Puchner P3

“Welcome to the MINI Sunride”: A roller coaster broke through the MINI construction and set the scene for the world premiere of the new MINI Roadster as the focal point of BMW’s trade fair appearance.
Puchner P3 had already advised the BMW Group before the operational start of the projec... >>>t and made binding statements about the feasibility of the concepts presented by the creative agency. Using specific local knowledge, Puchner P3 was able to evaluate cost risks and counteract them by making adjustments to the documentation. During the construction period Puchner P3, along with the planning partners, were results-driven and pragmatic in their handling of the project’s time-sensitive delivery and assembly status.