Planung, Projektsteuerung: BMW Pavillon Kula Lumpur

February 2018
Planung, Projektsteuerung: BMW Pavillon Kula Lumpur
Die Photodesigner

Nächste Station im Februar 2018 war Kuala Lumpur mit Erweiterungsbauten und Fuhrparkmanagement
Der Pavillon wurde um einen Cateringbereich erweitert mit offenen Fassaden

Puchner P3 übernahm die lokalen Planungsanpassungen und die Projektsteuerung und Bauleitung vor Ort.

Planung, Projektsteuerung: BMW Pavillon in Toronto

October 2017
Planung, Projektsteuerung: BMW Pavillon in Toronto
Movie+Photo: BMW Canada

„Neuer Markenauftritt begleitet die Modelloffensive des Premium-Automobilherstellers im Luxussegment – Begehrlichkeit, exklusive Erlebnisse und unvergessliche Momente stehen im Mittelpunkt.“

Nur in ausgewählten Märkten weltweit wird der Pavillon als Plattform für diesen neuen Marken... >>>auftritt eingesetzt: In Toronto für die Amerika-Premiere des BMW Concept X7 iPerformance.

Puchner P3 übernahm die künstlerische Oberleitungen, die lokalen Planungsanpassungen und die Projektsteuerung.

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Planung, Projektsteuerung; BMW Pavillon in Montignoso, Italien

July 2017

Nächste Station für den BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion: Cinquale di Montignoso / Forte dei Marmi, Italien, im Juli 2017.

Der Pavillon wurde mit einer umlaufende Terrasse erweitert, die für unterschiedliche Event-Formate genutzt wird. Zusätzlich wurde in Kooperation mit dem Museum Bozeett... >>>i das brachliegende Grundstück in einen Skulpturen-Garten verwandelt.

Puchner P3 übernahm die künstlerische Oberleitungen, die lokalen Planungsanpassungen und die Projektsteuerung.

Link: Projektinformationen Puchner P3

Foto: BMW Italy

Planning, Project-Steering: BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion, Warsaw 2017

March 2017
Planning, Project-Steering: BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion, Warsaw 2017
Photo: BMW Polska

From March 9 until April 1, 2017, the pavilion will be located in Warsaw. To accommodate BMW's cooperation partners' requirements, the pavilion was extended by one field to 22 meters length, to host the events desired in the local market.

Puchner P3 adapted the design to local needs and manag... >>>ed the project.

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Planning, Project-Steering: BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion, Berlin 2017

February 2017

“From 9 to 19 February, to coincide with the 67th Berlin International Film Festival, the Ministergärten (Ministerial Gardens) hosted a completely new form of BMW brand experience: the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion. The temporary pavilion showcases the BMW brand’s extensive expertise in contem... >>>porary luxury, innovative technologies, high-quality design and fine craftsmanship in a unique pop-up showroom that brings the experience to life for customers.

…The BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion celebrated its premiere in Berlin, with further attractive locations worldwide already scheduled. BMW will make guest appearances at venues including Warsaw and Moscow – the latter in cooperation with the famous Bolshoi Theatre; in St. Petersburg, during the White Nights; in Porto Cervo, Sardinia; in Toronto, during the TIFF Film Festival and in Singapore’s Marina Sands Bay.” (Source: BMW PressClub Global)

Puchner P3 was responsible for the project steering and planning of the first deployment in Berlin. This entailed local adaptions and coordination, construction site management and supervision of commissioning.

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Design: BMW Luxury Exellence Pavilion

January 2017
Design: BMW Luxury Exellence Pavilion
Renderings: Puchner P3

A newly designed BMW brand experience was to be conveyed in the shape of a pop-up store at targeted events around the globe. To achieve this, Puchner P3 designed a modular temporary pavilion in line with the plane architecture typical of BMW. While the building's style draws inspiration from modern ... >>>architecture, it provides a stage of timeless elegance for the BMW brand.

The wall panels can be moved freely under the seemingly floating roof, unhindered by the load-bearing system. Graphic elements, LEDs, and screens can be used as communication surfaces and adapted flexibly to local conditions and requirements. By using different materials the atmosphere of the pavilion can be adjusted to suit the needs of specific products and target groups.

The glass facades are not load-bearing and, like the wall panels, can be positioned freely or even be removed. To absorb wind loads, the supports of the glass facade were individually developed and fitted with bracings that follow the force path. All fittings are hidden behind chrome-plated covers.

The pavilion is based on a regular grid made of 60 x 60 cm squares; the load-bearing system was designed with fields of 6.60 x 3.60 m. The base structure can be extended in any direction in steps of 3.60 meter, so that the exhibition area can be enlarged according to requirements and local circumstances.

To provide maximum confidentiality to all talks, the structure is fitted with an acoustic ceiling that minimizes sound transmission.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are pre-installed in a cube covered with artificial stone. The pavilion is designed for temperatures between +35 and –10 degrees Celsius. If required, Additional sun protection slats can be fitted to the facade.
The roof is drained internally through the supports.

The pavilion is certified as a portable building. It may be erected in a snow load zone 3, and in a wind load zone 4 (coastal areas). If erected on paved ground, no additional foundation is necessary.

Puchner P3 is responsible for the exhibition concept and the architecture. Puchner P3 was also in charge of project steering, artistic supervision and overseeing the functional RFPs. In addition, Puchner P3 supervised the communication of special features.

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