Planung, Projektsteuerung: BMW Pavillon in Toronto

October 2017
Planung, Projektsteuerung: BMW Pavillon in Toronto
Movie+Photo: BMW Canada

„Neuer Markenauftritt begleitet die Modelloffensive des Premium-Automobilherstellers im Luxussegment – Begehrlichkeit, exklusive Erlebnisse und unvergessliche Momente stehen im Mittelpunkt.“

Nur in ausgewählten Märkten weltweit wird der Pavillon als Plattform für diesen neuen Marken... >>>auftritt eingesetzt: In Toronto für die Amerika-Premiere des BMW Concept X7 iPerformance.

Puchner P3 übernahm die künstlerische Oberleitungen, die lokalen Planungsanpassungen und die Projektsteuerung.

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Planung, Projektsteuerung; BMW Pavillon in Montignoso, Italien

July 2017

Nächste Station für den BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion: Cinquale di Montignoso / Forte dei Marmi, Italien, im Juli 2017.

Der Pavillon wurde mit einer umlaufende Terrasse erweitert, die für unterschiedliche Event-Formate genutzt wird. Zusätzlich wurde in Kooperation mit dem Museum Bozeett... >>>i das brachliegende Grundstück in einen Skulpturen-Garten verwandelt.

Puchner P3 übernahm die künstlerische Oberleitungen, die lokalen Planungsanpassungen und die Projektsteuerung.

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Foto: BMW Italy

Planning, Project-Steering: BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion, Warsaw 2017

March 2017
Planning, Project-Steering: BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion, Warsaw 2017
Photo: BMW Polska

From March 9 until April 1, 2017, the pavilion will be located in Warsaw. To accommodate BMW's cooperation partners' requirements, the pavilion was extended by one field to 22 meters length, to host the events desired in the local market.

Puchner P3 adapted the design to local needs and manag... >>>ed the project.

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Planning, Project-Steering: BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion, Berlin 2017

February 2017

“From 9 to 19 February, to coincide with the 67th Berlin International Film Festival, the Ministergärten (Ministerial Gardens) hosted a completely new form of BMW brand experience: the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion. The temporary pavilion showcases the BMW brand’s extensive expertise in contem... >>>porary luxury, innovative technologies, high-quality design and fine craftsmanship in a unique pop-up showroom that brings the experience to life for customers.

…The BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion celebrated its premiere in Berlin, with further attractive locations worldwide already scheduled. BMW will make guest appearances at venues including Warsaw and Moscow – the latter in cooperation with the famous Bolshoi Theatre; in St. Petersburg, during the White Nights; in Porto Cervo, Sardinia; in Toronto, during the TIFF Film Festival and in Singapore’s Marina Sands Bay.” (Source: BMW PressClub Global)

Puchner P3 was responsible for the project steering and planning of the first deployment in Berlin. This entailed local adaptions and coordination, construction site management and supervision of commissioning.

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Design: BMW Luxury Exellence Pavilion

January 2017
Design: BMW Luxury Exellence Pavilion
Renderings: Puchner P3

A newly designed BMW brand experience was to be conveyed in the shape of a pop-up store at targeted events around the globe. To achieve this, Puchner P3 designed a modular temporary pavilion in line with the plane architecture typical of BMW. While the building's style draws inspiration from modern ... >>>architecture, it provides a stage of timeless elegance for the BMW brand.

The wall panels can be moved freely under the seemingly floating roof, unhindered by the load-bearing system. Graphic elements, LEDs, and screens can be used as communication surfaces and adapted flexibly to local conditions and requirements. By using different materials the atmosphere of the pavilion can be adjusted to suit the needs of specific products and target groups.

The glass facades are not load-bearing and, like the wall panels, can be positioned freely or even be removed. To absorb wind loads, the supports of the glass facade were individually developed and fitted with bracings that follow the force path. All fittings are hidden behind chrome-plated covers.

The pavilion is based on a regular grid made of 60 x 60 cm squares; the load-bearing system was designed with fields of 6.60 x 3.60 m. The base structure can be extended in any direction in steps of 3.60 meter, so that the exhibition area can be enlarged according to requirements and local circumstances.

To provide maximum confidentiality to all talks, the structure is fitted with an acoustic ceiling that minimizes sound transmission.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are pre-installed in a cube covered with artificial stone. The pavilion is designed for temperatures between +35 and –10 degrees Celsius. If required, Additional sun protection slats can be fitted to the facade.
The roof is drained internally through the supports.

The pavilion is certified as a portable building. It may be erected in a snow load zone 3, and in a wind load zone 4 (coastal areas). If erected on paved ground, no additional foundation is necessary.

Puchner P3 is responsible for the exhibition concept and the architecture. Puchner P3 was also in charge of project steering, artistic supervision and overseeing the functional RFPs. In addition, Puchner P3 supervised the communication of special features.

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Rolls-Royce at Geneva Auto Show 2016

March 2016
Rolls-Royce at Geneva Auto Show 2016

The Rolls-Royce stand at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show received a special mention at the 13th Creativity Award presented by the Club de Publicité et de Communication de Genève (CPG).

"Rolls-Royce presented a privileged space worthy of a cinematic decor. It tells the story o... >>>f a passionate collector who invites us into his home. The story is vividly presented. The visitor remains outside, observing the parked vehicles from a boulevard. The proportions, volumes, and materials were treated with great precision and in perfect congruence with the brand image. A harmonic ensemble in the presentation logic."

Rolls-Royce at IAA 2015

September 2015
< Rendering < Rendering
Photo > Photo >
Photo: / Rendering: Puchner P3

"Guests of Rolls-Royce: The stand concept for Rolls-Royce Motorcars’ presence at IAA 2015 recreates a modern villa – cool and contemporary. Its inviting architecture makes the brand appear more open and accessible than at previous shows."

BMW at NAIAS 2014

January 2014
Photo: / Sketch: mutabor

Im Mittelpunkt der Inszenierung stand das gebaute ‚Brand Icon‘ der Submarke BMW M mit den Weltpremieren M3 und M4. Hierzu wurden LED-Flächen als gefaltet und verdrehte Bänder realisiert, die im Zusammenhang mit der Haupt-LED und gekippten Fassadenflächen auch die Bühne für die Pressekonfere... >>>nz bildeten.
Puchner P3 beriet die BMW Group in der Konzeptphase bezüglich der technischen Umsetzbarkeit unter Berücksichtigung der lokalen Besonderheiten und der Erstellung eines Budgetentwurfes. Über alle Projektphasen wurden Chancen-Risiken-Analysen mit budgetären Lösungsansätzen als Entscheidungsgrundlage vorbereitet.
BMW beauftragte Puchner P3 mit der Gesamtkoordination der Ausführungsplanung, die die Integration der technischen Gewerke einschließt. Darüber hinaus wurden die Budgets für alle Montageleistungen, die durch örtliche Unions zu erbringen sind, durch ein projektbegleitendes Controlling überwacht und sichergestellt.

MINI at NAIAS 2012

January 2012
< Construction < Construction
Exhibition > Exhibition >
Photo: EEI Global / Puchner P3

“Welcome to the MINI Sunride”: A roller coaster broke through the MINI construction and set the scene for the world premiere of the new MINI Roadster as the focal point of BMW’s trade fair appearance.
Puchner P3 had already advised the BMW Group before the operational start of the projec... >>>t and made binding statements about the feasibility of the concepts presented by the creative agency. Using specific local knowledge, Puchner P3 was able to evaluate cost risks and counteract them by making adjustments to the documentation. During the construction period Puchner P3, along with the planning partners, were results-driven and pragmatic in their handling of the project’s time-sensitive delivery and assembly status.

BMW at NAIAS 2012

January 2012
Media scenography: gate.11

The world premiere of the new BMW 3 Series at the NAIAS in Detroit was staged with a room-filling 3D video installation and also provided the setting for the press conference.
Puchner P3 had already advised the BMW Group during the concept phase and evaluated the concepts from the various crea... >>>tive agencies in terms of cost, feasibility and effect. Thanks to their knowledge of the specific local conditions, cost drivers could be pinpointed and the designs subsequently revised. BMW also entrusted the construction documentation, the integration of the technical crews and the coordination and assembly monitoring to Puchner P3.

Medical Care Centre, Munich 2009

November 2009
Medical Care Centre, Munich 2009

An ENT (ear, nose and throat) practice, which Puchner P3 had already planned in the 1990s, planned an expansion consisting of a medical centre with five doctors and an outpatient operating room.
Puchner P3 advised the ENT practice on the possible development variants with a room and functional... >>> analysis for a medical practice of this kind. Cost and deadline drivers which could be avoided during the process were identified. The project, right up to the graphic design and furnishing, was implemented within the cost budget and time given by Puchner P3.

CT Germany, Renovation and redesign of company building, 2009

January 2009
CT Germany, Renovation and redesign of company building,  2009
CT Germany

CT Germany needed to expand to a new location in order to meet their requirements for extra space for administration, workshops, warehouses and logistics and to optimise in-house operational sequences.
Puchner P3 advised CT on their different options: expansion of the existing company building... >>>s with new builds or finding and renovating existing properties. In addition to the creation of room and function programmes, various financing models and multiple finance partners were evaluated in order to create an overall evaluation of the situation. These advisory activities allowed CT to profit considerably from Puchner P3’s independent expert knowledge, because even in the early stages of the project, different implementation models could be evaluated, and cost reliability and deadline adherence could be guaranteed.
After deciding on an existing property on lease, extensions and alterations which would culminate in completion were planned and supervised by Puchner P3.

MINI at IAA 2007

September 2007
MINI at IAA 2007

The world premiere of the MINI Clubman at the IAA was presented in a 360-degree media room which functioned as a tunnel, a catwalk, private viewing area and a club. The entire length of the room served as a projection space and extended the area visually. The VJ, the exhibits and the public’s acti... >>>vities were all able to interactively control the recording. For the press conference, a conveyor belt was integrated to allow the MINI Clubman to be driven along the catwalk.
Puchner P3 advised the customers on the cost, conversion and operational security risks in relation to the time-sensitive assembly deadline as well as the subsequent integration of the media installation. The BMW Group also transferred the construction documentation for building stands, the construction management and the coordination of the technical crews’ integration to Puchner P3.

BMW at Tokyo Motor Show 2005

October 2005
BMW at Tokyo Motor Show 2005

The purpose of the presentation at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show was, above all, to further consolidate the BMW brand values on the Japanese market. The highlight was the world premiere of the BMW Z4 Coupé, aimed at showing off BMW’s sportier side.
Puchner P3 brought its intercultural competenc... >>>ies to the consultations with their Japanese partners. Before the event, all the participating technical crews were involved in coordinating the complex assembly sequences and the large amount of construction works, and in adapting these to the local situation.

MINI at Tokyo Motor Show 2005

October 2005
MINI at Tokyo Motor Show 2005

The MINI’s appearance at the 39th Tokyo Motor Show introduced the MINI Clubman Concept to the world’s media with a typical, brand-specific urban stand design.
Puchner P3 coordinated the processes for building the stand and the integration of the different technical crews, in particular wit... >>>h regard to the special challenges of the Makuhari Messe venue. Some of the specific demands on Puchner P3 included consultations with the Japanese project partners and their integration into the German project team.